Here are videos/links to some of the projects I’ve worked on across the years.

VR controller tracking at Arcturus Industries. Synthetic data generation, blob detection and fast P3P hypothesis filtering.

Controller Tracking at Arcturus Industries

Occipital Perception Engine Positional tracking for AR/VR. Can work with a single camera, stereo cameras or depth cameras + an IMU.

Occipital TapMeasure: led a small team to build that iOS app in a very short time to leverage ARKit and take 3D measurements.

Occipital Canvas: unbounded large-scale RGBD SLAM and 3D reconstruction for mobile.

Occipital StarOps: Unbounded positional tracking using RGBD for CES 2015.

Occipital BridgeEngine demo at CES 2016. Combining RGBD tracking, 3D reconstruction, and physics via an integration to the Scene Kit (and later on Unity) game engines.

Skanect: real-time 3D scanning with Microsoft Kinect Cross-platform Linux/macOS/Windows, C++ / Qt / CUDA / OpenGL. Includes a CPU version of Kinect Fusion suitable for real-time scanning.

RGBDemo: opensource demos with RGBD cameras. One of the very first software for the Microsoft Kinect in 2011. Also supported some time-of-flight cameras. Demos included multiple camera calibration, room scanning, object reconstruction.

A-contrario Object Detection: Bottom-up and top-down object matching using asynchronous agents and a contrario principles. Part of my PhD in 2005-2008.